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I'm so glad this game was not as rage inducing as I feared, otherwise I 100% would have given up real early. Great work, and nice challenge balance :D

I really enjoyed your game. Add More levels.

Keep it up developers

This game was actually so well made! I really enjoyed the difficult parts (LEAVES) even though they annoyed me lol. It's such a simple game yet its a pleasure to play! I don't know how people finished this game in under 20 seconds but that's pretty much impossible for me to do. I kind of wish there were more levels and different difficulties but honestly, this one level is enough.

Very fun game to play, tricky at first, but satisfying once completed!

Together with a friend of mine, we recorded our experience and put it in a video, feel free to have a look!

lol dave's here but this seems like an awesome game it seems fun and difficult and it seems to be just right for me


My new speedrunning obsession.... 10/10

Hi Dave!

Deleted 280 days ago

o b s e s s e d thx Dave


Dave I love your channel!

Yesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss, I made it to the top. Neat idea and design DEVS I really liked it. There where a few points where I thought I wouldn;t do it but once again, it's all about learning the mechanics.

I actually fist pumped the air as well ahahahahaha and I wish I had the mic on as well.